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Click or tap here to read PartII of my Plausible Alien First Contact Scenario , and find out about the decades-long program that our hypothetical galactic government would use to integrate us knuckle draggers into their society. Discover why it would be a secret program, even today, almost seventy years later.

Now for free, get the prequel novella, Sector First Contact , that kicks off my award-winning apocalyptic series. Available as both a free ebook and a free audiobook narrated by R. Bray— The Martian.

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Once the contactees adjusted to the news, the galactic ambassadors briefed them on the two underlying facts of the galactic integration program:. This alien first contact scenario is merely the premise or backstory of my novel; it is not the meat and potatoes of the story. He listed a few ways in which this may come about.

Minimizing the possibility, he pointed out that only a few tens of thousands of stars have been exposed to our transmissions. However, if you plug slightly more optimistic values into the equation, you see a galaxy teaming with life. Given the relatively slow speed of light relative to the size of the galaxy only a tiny fraction of the Milky Way may know we exist.


Arguably the most powerful unnatural radio signals humanity ever sent out were our above ground nuclear detonations. Restricted to , miles per second, that energy has blazed across the galaxy and covered a whopping 66 light-year radius in the intervening 66 years.

Difficult to visualize? Imagine you shrunk the galaxy down to the volume of the Superdome. At that scale, picture a four-foot-wide beach ball at mid-field. That sphere, a few centimeters over a meter, would represent the light-year bubble of stars exposed to the energy waves emitted from the planet in Our galaxy is not as boxy as a stadium.

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In other words, the potential pool of star systems learning of our existence is growing daily, and at an ever-increasing rate. Complicating the issue is the time a reply would take to reach us. If a civilization decides to beam an instant reply, it will take just as long for us to receive it as our signal took to get to them. What if 33 years ago—back when that bubble was the size of a basketball—a relatively advanced civilization in our galactic backyard received the signal and blasted a return message our way? Considering the signal they received was a nuclear detonation, they may want to listen for a while.

Is there anybody out there? In regards to social and scientific development, we are assuredly babes in the galactic woods. Spanning decades, it would be an inefficient discussion, but likely, we would be the prime beneficiary of that interaction. Thus, a tiny-tiny-tiny- minuscule investment relative to GDP lands us invaluable knowledge.

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Solitude Earns Prestigious Nomination September 28, Apple Audiobook. Reddit is one of the most popular social news aggregators, discussion, and web content rating site. Otherwise, you can receive the product and review it, although Amazon will not mark your review with a verified purchase badge. Badges and Amazon stuff aside, Reddit Freebies gathers a host of other interesting deals, such free perfume samples, free magazine subscriptions, and free access to events, to name just a few.

Remember when we said that getting a free sample from an Amazon seller is okay? You can ask sellers directly. Another nice way to get your hands on some free stuff is by becoming an Amazon Vine Reviewer. The thing is you can only become an Amazon Vine member by invitation only, and Amazon only sends an invitation to those buyers who leave a lot of user reviews on the products they buy.

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All you have to do is leave a comprehensive and unbiased review each time you buy or get a free Amazon product. In this position, Amazon will send you free selected items from vendors in exchange for an honest review. Your opinion will be marked in green with the Vine logo, and you can keep your reviewer status by getting more positive consensus on your opinions. Cashbackbase is a cash back site where Amazon sellers promote their discounted products in the hope of harvesting some reviews from satisfied buyers.

Due to the nature of the site, you will still have to pay for the products upfront. Once you have placed the order, you can simply update the purchase details on your dashboard on Cashbackbase and redeem the discount.

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  • Deals are subject to availability, and you will need to use points to be able to claim your freebies. All in all, though, this website gives anyone the possibility to get a free product on Amazon as long as all rules are followed. Extremerebate is similar to Cashbackbase, but this site is much clearer on its intentions. You can become a reviewer and get your cash back, or you will simply purchase the products without being able to claim any benefits.

    The process is simple. You request the seller to approve your purchase, get the item on Amazon, submit the order ID and get your cash back when the seller confirms the transaction. Some sellers even add bonuses to your cash back in exchange of pictures, videos, and descriptive 5-star reviews. There is also a set of rules to follow to actually get your money back after making the purchase.

    Sellers around the world know that the only way to raise their ranking and subsequently their sales on Amazon is through reviews. Many of those who actually buy the products will never leave a review though. A quick look at some of the most popular groups reveals that sellers are giving away literally all sorts of products. You could find anything here, from apparel and beauty products to gadgets and electronics. All you have to do is search for the product you want, get in touch with the seller, and arrange the details of your purchase. While in most cases you will have to actually buy the product and then claim your money back from the seller, some vendors may also agree to send you a free product directly.

    While you will actually pay for the box, Amazon will give you the amount back in the form of credit you can use to purchase the product you got as a sample or similar products. Only Prime members can order samples, but given that new members can try Prime for free for 30 days, you will still have your chance to grab some free stuff.


    Another way you can get free samples on Amazon is by waiting for them to send samples to you. This program includes all Amazon members regardless of their Prime status. Instead, Amazon picks members in a random manner and sends them free samples so that they can test the products.