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The mid-point and turn-around glowing cones represented stations where 5-burpees had to be executed by each passer-by before continuing on. Piggy was on his way back to his stie i. Once sooee was yelled, every pax stopped where they were and immediately turned-around and slogged their way back to the start, not neglecting the required 5-burpees at the midpoint if they even made it that far.

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Any piglet that got beat racing back to the start by Mr. Piggy was rewarded with traditional suicides on the basketball court see below. If Mr. Piggy was beaten by all pax, then everyone endured the additional suicides because YHC considered this a case where everyone must have sandbagged. Luckily, Mr. Piggy hogtied at least one sow in each of the four ensuing half-milers.

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As for the basketball court suicides, those who finished ahead of Mr. Piggy were rewarded with complete rest well, more like bent-over chest heaving while the sorry hogwarts beaten by Mr. Piggy were given only about seconds rest and then they endured the additional pain of length-wise, traditional basketball court suicides starting at the near baseline then running to near free throw line and back, mid-court and back, far free throw line and back, and finally the far baseline and back.

Approximately another seconds of rest was granted as each pax made their way back to the start line for another round of half-mile Sooee-cides. This was repeated a total of four times. YHC, continued to remind the pax that pacing is key, the return portion of the race had to be run faster i. It was a tough beatdown, not much mumble chatter, not much anything except heavy breathing and lots of sweat.

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Not bad for an F3Nation Monday morning. Piggy status and beating some pax back to the stie. The Moleskin — Any man can run a short race, but a long race takes heart. As servants of Sky-Q, we have been given the grace to endure, to pace a life of longevity for the Lord. We have been called and equipped to go the distance and live a life of purpose and meaning, a life that matters. Be blessed, my F3 brothers, for the joy set before you as it was Christ endure with confidence the race marked-out for you.

Your email address will not be published. The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. The Thang: Sooee pronounced sue-EE — what farmers call to get their pigs back into their sties. After the final round of traditional suicides, back to the parking lot we strolled for a CoT. Announcements: Saturday, June 16th at Adventure Park launch , bring your 2. Twin Lakes inaugural Q is tomorrow morning with Kotter at the helm. Clean and Chili Pepper.

So excited...Just ordered my C&C cage for my piggies :)

The same holds true for our raised impressions. Sometimes the fingers or toes are placed closer together and sometimes they are spread apart. After all, this is what makes it unique to your baby. For this reason, we cannot offer refunds based on things that are out of our control.

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Is your moulding material safe? The hand or foot will be in the bathwater warm mold material for approximately 60 seconds in total. During that time, the child can wiggle and move for the first seconds, after which a setting process occurs which turns the liquid into a gel-like solid. When mold material starts to set, we strive for as little movement as possible in order to capture lots of detail. Remember, even while setting, the temperature is comfortably warm, often young babies do not notice or mind.

After the mold is set, we gently remove the hand or foot from the mold — and your part is done. What clothing should we wear? So please neither parent or child should wear their best attire. Nor should you bring any facecloths or blankets that are your favourite just in case they should come into contact with our material.

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Every piece of granite, as the Statue it is holding, is unique, no two pieces are alike. Colours and sizes will vary by location. They will do their best to accommodate you, however there is never an exact match. Do you ship your castings away to be made? We are proud to say we create all of our castings on-site in our studios and workshops. This way we can spend careful time and attention on each one as required. Professional framing is also done on-site. When will my product be completed and when must I pick it up by? Most appointments are typically half an hour.

The impressions take only a few seconds and the rest of the appointment is discussing how you want your keepsake customized. Baby should have a full tummy so please feed prior to your arrival. Similarly, we may have to look at other comparable keepsakes if attempts at good impressions are unsuccessful.

If my keepsake is unframed, do you write their name on it? We are also confident you will love your new keepsake so much you tell other Moms and Dads about us and what we do. Will you be able to get an open hand for a raised impression? We receive this question a lot! Unframed raised impressions are similar to a ceramic keepsake and we all know, if dropped, they can shatter.

I would suggest having your raised impression framed at any of our locations if it breaking at a later date, would also break your heart. Can I bring my Raised Impression back to be framed at a later date?

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Yes you can, but full retail pricing will then apply. Most appointments are typically 15 minutes. How detailed will the print on my necklace be? Each of our Silver Print pendants is hand-crafted, therefore no two pieces are alike. The print you receive will be YOUR loved ones prints captured at the time of your appointment. In general, the rule of thumb is: the younger the child, the less-detailed the print. Having said that, however, we have seen younger babies with very detailed prints, and older babies with very little detail in their prints.

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What if my necklace comes back with very little print? As explained above, there is no way to guarantee a detailed print on your pendant or for your pendant to look exactly like others. For this reason, as I am sure you can understand, we cannot offer refunds on jewelry. Can the prints fade over time? While we would like to say no, we have found on a few rare occasions this has happened.

Very fine prints and pendants that are exposed to certain elements can fade over time. Please do not clean the pendant with jewelry cleaner as this will remove the wax coating and oxidizing. Only use the jewelry cloth that is provided at time of purchase. Sound Waves — What kinds of images do you prefer? The longer your soundwave, the smaller the sound wave image will appear on your pendant.

Sound Waves — What kinds sound waves do you recommend? Ideally, a paper that is approx.

Having said that, we have done some amazing things with pencil or pen as well. Crayons and paint tend to have thicker lines and when shrunk down, might lose their clarity.