Manga that deals with depression

At 28, Kabi finds herself running in place, unable to hold a job, make meaningful connections with people her own age, or get out from under crippling depression. Things get a bit dark, but the unflinching honesty with which Kabi bares the crappiest parts of her life to the reader is lightened by an informal, cartoony art style and a dry sense of humor. Far from bleak, this manga is surprisingly funny, authentic, and relatable, reminding us that sometimes the greatest obstacle to happiness is letting yourself believe you deserve it. Yaichi hardly thinks about his estranged twin Ryoji, who moved abroad years ago and passed away without returning to Japan.

When he fears he may have been outed at school, he comes close to ending it all—until he runs into a mysterious woman who introduces him to a group of people just like him. Mangaka Kamatani, who identifies as nonbinary and asexual, draws on their own firsthand experience of grappling with identity and marginalization in this powerful coming of age drama. Sweet Blue Flowers , by Takako Shimura Fumi moves back to her hometown dragging a broken heart behind her.

Luckily her old best friend Akira is there for her, and soon Fumi has a new crush: a beautiful third year at their all-girls school. The Bride Was a Boy , by Chii Another diary-style comic, this heartwarming manga tells the autobiographical story of Chii, a transgender woman. Starting with her childhood, Chii writes candidly of her experiences being raised as a boy, exploring her gender and sexuality, as well as how she met and fell in love with her unflappable and endearingly goofy husband.

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Sorry, something went wrong! Please try again. Rate it. Also ranked 2 in What are the best awesome mangas ever written. For years, humans were saved from the man-eating giants known as Titans because of the meter high walls surrounding them. Until one day, a titan higher than the walls appeared and it changed the fate of the humanity once more. Attack on the Titan is definitely interesting and makes you think about what life would be like post apocalypse. Even in the science fiction setting, the characters struggle with realistic problems and explore different characteristics and emotions.

Also ranked 1 in What are the best apocalyptic graphic novels and books for adults.

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This is the story of two years old girls, who have the same name but very different stories: while Nana Komatsu just got to the city looking for love, whereas Nana Osaki is a cool girl who is focused in becoming the next rock and roll superstar. Same name characters but very different stories.

Both stories are typical struggles young adults battle in real life. Good read. Also ranked 1 in What are the best josei mangas. Absolute Boyfriend Vol. It was first serialized in Shojo Comic from to I am not completely positive it is a depressing magna, it seems to have some good comedy in it.

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I also love the artwork. Also ranked 2 in What are the best manga series created by Yuu Watase. Crystal James.

Also ranked 3 in What are the best short manga series. As they were sharing lots of interests and attitudes, it was a matter of time that Takaki Tohno and Akari Shinohara became friends. Akari will eventualli move to another town, due to her parents' jobs, so they will have no other choice than to keep in touch by letter, a situation that will slowly and painfully end their relationship.

Top 10 Anime That Can Help With Depression [Best Recommendations]

I actually felt for Shinoshara a lot. It made me sad to feel for her as I did. I haven't been so invested in a character since I read about Hiro in 9th Wonder. Also ranked 6 in What are the best slice of life anime.

Manga about anorexia, anxiety or depression

After becoming obsessed with spiral patterns, the father of Shuichi Saito died under mysterious circumstances: his dead body had adapted the shape of a twisted coil. Soon after these events, the whole town gets infected with a strange disease.

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  8. It start by the main character's father dying after some weird obsession and soon the whole town is infected. Oddly engaging if you are into something a bit on the dark side.

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    5. Also ranked 6 in What are the best horror comics and graphic novels. Ann Uekusa and her recently divorced mother had no choice than leaving Tokyo and go to Shimane, a rural town. Used to not being known wherever she goes, Ann still doesn't feel comfortable with the extreme kindness of the citizens of her mother's hometown, but when a personal tragedy hit her, she will realize how necessary they have become for her. A depressed young girl has to move the country.

      There she learns she can depend on stranger's kindness. A nice coming of age sort of tale. Joshua Robertson. I feel like I really relate to this.

      4 Manga That (Somewhat) Deal With Psychology

      I was sad throughout all of my years and this has really, really made me see that it isnt all bad. I feel like I can really get over that period of my life with this colorful book. I am still reading it and do not plan on stopping any time soon. Also ranked 2 in What are the best romance books featuring bullies.

      This is the story of Shuji and Chise, two high school seniors that started dating a few weeks ago. Some days after starting officially dating, he discovers that she has been engineered with a powerful technology that will allow her to transform into a weapon. As days go by, she keeps getting stronger, which makes the relationship between them very hard.

      Janet Robertson. It's appropriate for all genders and is a unique take on a classic love story. After being rescued from her miserable life, Emma has been working all her life as a British maid for a wealthy family. She eventually falls in love with William, the eldest son, but they are forced to keep their romance secret as society would never allow such relationship. Also ranked 5 in What are the best Penguin deluxe classic novels. This is a good solution 8. Shaurya Jhadav.

      She's turning 16 and trying to figure out the world, and herself. It turns out she has supernatural powers, including being able to contact her dead brother. This series if funny, but also poignant as it deals with topics such as love and loss. Also ranked 3 in What are the best manga series created by Yuu Watase. This is a good solution 0.