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Nobody could tell me why, I was told to call CB and they told me they have no idea why, to call Synchrony back! No, you are incorrect!! Payments were made on time, extra money paid on it! They closed it Nilly Willy!! Rest assured you will see, if you are smart, get out before things start happening to you!!

I am so disappointed with this bank. I have paid all my cards on time and they still closed some of my accounts and dropped the credit amount. I have never been late. I opened a Lowes account to do some work on my home and unexpectedly they closed the account, before I could get the work done. I am so disappointed. I never ever paid them late and always paid them before the payment due dates. I always paid JC Penny off at the end of every month and sometimes it went for months without being used and a zero balance for months. Fast Forward: They closed all my accounts right after I paid them all off this year right away due to them pulling my credit scores.

They said even though I never had any problems with their credit cards I was now a risk to them. My credit score went down by points due to them closing all of my accounts after I paid them all off and never had a late payment on my credit report for them. It shows closed by creditor on my credit report. My credit score only dropped because I was sick for 3 months and got behind on 2 loans.

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I busted my butt to always pay Synchrony and they screwed me over big time. No worries when my credit score goes back to being over again. I will never ever open any accounts with this company, they punish you for doing the right thing and I hate this company! I have a perfect pay history and have many Synchrony cards since I have never been late, always pay weeks before due and many times 3 — 4xs my minimum payment or pay off.

I am fighting with the hospital and my insurance on this. I know I should have just shut my mouth and paid it. Well, I just paid off JC Penney and they closed my account due to that negative remark on my account. That should not have anything to do with my history with JC Penney. I am not dealing with them anymore. I could can be wrong but I thought that law was passed two years ago. I did some research on this topic because I had heard there was a change as well.

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The collection agency can then report the account to your credit reports, although the name of the doctor or medical office will not be revealed. Once on your credit report, medical collections can remain for seven years from the original delinquency date and can hurt your credit scores, just like any other collection account. Experian no longer displays medical collections on a credit report until they are days past due. This grace period gives individuals with medical debt six months to resolve any insurance or billing issues and to make payment arrangements if necessary before the past due balance is reported.

After six months, the medical collections could become part of your credit report. However, the newest credit scoring formulas from FICO and VantageScore do not weigh medical collections as heavily as other types of collection accounts and may not count them at all after the collection is paid. I have not received my Amazon card. Can I use my Visa to pay my bill? I would really like to get it taken care of!

I had CareCredit before Synchrony Bank took over. Now I am about to close my account. I was mailed a promotion and I signed up for it. I made qualifying purchases but on my statement I was informed I received zero points.

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When I called Customer Service the representatives had no idea what the promotion was, I had to ask for a manager who still was clueless. I read the promotion to the manager and after having me on hold for 30 minutes she told me my card did not qualify. Absolute dishonesty and I will not stand for it. I paid my account on time, never late and then they decrease my limit and close my account for no reason. Never any problems. This is a horrible greedy company, they do not employ Americans unless is it at Corporate level. They cancelled my cards because I had too many open even though there was no balance on any of them.

No worries, I will be cancelling my TJX card because they are garbage. Paid them both off and closed them. Had a QVC I got for payments on a computer. They then lowered my limit to almost the purchase price.

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Returned the computer, got a refund and closed the account. Do not use this bank!! Everything those people have said is true. This bank treats you with disrespect on every level even if you pay them on time.

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Could some tell me how this is legal? I have always paid my bill on time and always paid the cards off early and was punished by them lowering my credit limit with out warning. This is not right. How are you supposed to build credit if your punished if your credit score drops? This company needs to wake up. Horrible bank to work with.

I paid all my cards off and they decreased my credit and closed one card! I hope someone sues them. This company sucks. Canceled my Lowes card due to changing banks and I had not had a late payment with them since I cancelled all cards I had with them and told the other stores why when I canceled. I will never accept another card that have anything to do with them. Synchrony Bank is by the worst company I have ever had to deal with!

Every month they change my minimum due on a plan that my payments are supposed to fixed.

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Every time I call they tell me my payment was late and didnt meet the minimum due. I signed up from lowes for a fixed interest rate and they change it every month. Every month I spend hours on the phone with them. They tell me its Lowes issue and I have to go into the store to get them to fix it. I spend hours in the store.

Then every month they add another payment plan to my account. It is not a lowes issue it is a Synchrony issue. Lowes does everything synchrony tells them to do and yet it never gets fixed. I will never accept an account through Synchrony ever again!

Synchrony is the worst!!! This has got to be one of the most dishonest banks ever. I wish someone could sue them and close them down. Sometimes people run into trouble but try hard to catch up, but once you get into their evil eye, they watch like a hawk, then you pay it down and they lower your available credit or cancel or close the card.

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In these cases, you can never let your credit score rise. I will do everything in my power to never be involved with them again. I hope somebody could do something about their procedures. This bank really needs a thorough investigation. Everything being said pertaining to this company is true…DO NOT ever get any of the cards affiliated with this bank they are the worst ever.

They lowered my card twice although it was paid and then just closed the account without any fair warning. I send this list to anyone I know that is inquiring about a credit card and tell them do not apply for any on this list. Go with a reputable credit card company because synchrony is not! I am in a credit group on Facebook and the post in regards to this bank are always the same horrible! DO NOT!

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My decision and my decision alone! You MUST watch your payments to them like a freaking hawk. Minimum payment irregardless as I pay more than minimum. I know I will pay off in 6 months.