Mr lube coupon burnaby

You need to go into a Mr. Lube with your brain engaged.

Mr. Lube at 6629 Kingsway Avenue, Burnaby

These guys don't know shit about your car, their cars or cars, period. I worked there for 3 months before going to school and the shocking amount of bullshit I saw was insane. Check the levels on the other fluids and I'll have my mechanic do it the next time I'm in.

None of their shit is cheaper by any means. My transmission fluid was due for a change.

Their cost was more than having a mechanic do a proper pan drop. They get a small commission on everything above an oil change and are metered on time, and sales. Dealerships: My wife was the one that convinced me that the dealership isn't always your enemy. It's a little annoying that it takes longer, but I'm not against taking the vehicle home every so often. Side note: The coupon won't save you against their ridiculously unneeded up-sale strategies. Lube etc. When i had my older car i'd either do the oil changes myself or if it was cold out during the winter i'd swing by mr lube..

Where should we send the Deal?

Dealerships are WAY more expensive.. Dont recommend quick lube places nor Canadian Tire. Had a damaged oil pan socket once.

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Find an honest mechanic. The one in South Richmond for sure. Broke a part of my car during repairs. They tried to fix it but also tried to bill me.

I refused, I paid for the original work and took it home to fix it myself because they did both the original repair and their damaged repairs so poorly. Our team of highly experienced technicians will work with you to keep your vehicle running smoothly for many years to come, just as we have for over 43 years!

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Several components of your vehicle require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. One of the most important safety features that your car is equipped with is the braking system. Unfortunately, this component is also the one most taken for granted by vehicle operators.

With the massive amount of wear-and-tear that people put on their brakes in Vancouver and other wet-weather areas across BC and Alberta, it's important to have them inspected often. The same holds true for regularly checking on fluid levels and measuring auto efficiency. If your core fluid levels are low, chances are that your vehicle is not running as optimally, and safely, as it should be…something you want to avoid, especially if your family is in the car with you!