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With MLM companies you have people under people under people and so forth.

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At my fitness centers we teach people how to eat, we teach them how to exercise and we have trainers there helping them through every single workout. In an nutshell and this is for everyone; The only thing you should ever replace a meal with, is a healthier meal! So, just in general here, that was a terrible comparison to a real question.

And having the people supporting you along the way is free. Tony Horton is free, so is Shaun T. And the Support from members is free, and the coaching. Sorry I could go on and on here. Beachbody has changed my life. Also, nobody at Beachbody is trying to scam you like all these other companies and their gimmicky products. Shakeology has no artificial anything, nor is anything scientifically made. Here is some references for future use. I think all of their workouts are good and will produce great results of done consistently.

I need that environment to push me. I also think the 90 minutes is much to long of a workout, I like the P90x3 much better. Overall I think their workouts are great. The folic acid and cyanocobalamin are absolutely artificial. Buying whole food is always cheaper and healthier than those shakes. People, keep doing the workouts, they are great. Save your money on those shakes and spend it at your local farmers market or grocery store!

Unless u are feeding your own chickens. ANYONE that talks bad about anyone or anything is usually intimidated to talk bad rather than just state their own opinion. Get real….

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Walmart is a pyramid too. Take ur opinions and toss them…. Think of this…u talk bad about anything…u ruin the industry not who u are trying to defame thru your jealousy or whatever it is….


Well that is an interesting angry word salad. Do you have any idea where the ingredients in Advocare products come from? I can all but guarantee the caffeine advocare loads their products with is from China. My articles on advocare are full of data supporting the facts I stated. Advocare has been around for yrs. A recruitment-driven MLM, or product-based pyramid scheme, is an MLM with a compensation system that rewards recruitment more than actual sales of products to persons outside the network of participants. Product-based pyramid schemes do far more damage than classic, no-product pyramid schemes, by any measure — loss rates, aggregate losses, and number of victims.

Everything you mentioned is against all Advocare policies… perhaps you should actually do your research and stop making assumptions. Sounds more like you were burned by a pyramid scheme in the past-get over it and just admit you failed. I have never been part of any MLM company. The truth is the truth even if it means offending a few distributors such as yourself. Distributors should be mad a the company who continues to mislead them about what their products really are.

He was a multi millionaire by the time he was 30 and retired at 34 years of age. He had employees that worked under him to run the businesses. When these employees ran the business well, he profited and in return awarded bonus commissions and incentives such as free trips. Each one of these employees has crews of employees under them. When the crews ran correctly, business did better and these crews were rewarded with commissions and bonuses and incentives.

I am NOT an advocare distributor. I used it and hated it. No, not all companies are pyramid schemes. Let me explain it for you. Lets use a Nike outlet store as an example. There will be a manager of that store who will hire employees to sell products in the store. That manager will only hire qualified employees.

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That person may even get insurance, sick pay, holiday pay and even vacation pay. The manager will only hire as many people as needed to service customers in the store.

The store will also spend money on marketing to promote their products and increase sales. This marketing helps to ensure the sales staff have a job. Phil Knight does make billions because he created one of the most powerful brands in the world. Now lets pretend that Nike outlet was a MLM company.

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As a manager I am going to hire as many salesman as I possibly can. The more people I have in my downline the more potential income I can generate. Then these employees have to buy the nike shirts and shoes from the store before they can sell them.

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Once they have done this they can start trying to sell the products they first had to purchase. These employees can then hire even more employees to sell the same products. That cycle can continue infinitely saturating the market with a sales force all trying to sell the same stuff. Now, every person in the infinite downline gets a piece of the profit from their sales. For that reason the products have to be priced extremely high to try and make it profitable for many in a downline. Thanks Steve for setting the record straight.

I actually have a neighbor who is a doctor at Mayo who sells this garbage! Thank you for your insight into Advocare. I am in the process of steering away from supplements of any kind. Trying to accomplish the things my body needs through food. I have a couple questions in regards to vitamins.