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After years of not having a relationship, Jill has a brief romance with district attorney William Bardwell Ted Shackelford in , which ends when Gloria Abbott Judith Chapman schemes to have him for herself. He had a criminal past, angering Katherine, who was protective of Jill.

I really believe there's a real love between those two, and we're playing it like there is. Jill is known for her feud with Katherine Chancellor Jeanne Cooper , which took place over four decades. To confuse us, the show has thrown out this budding friendship as if it never happened. How much more moving it would have been if these two women faced Katherine's request for Jill to name her child Phillip as former adversaries trying to put the past behind them instead of as bitter enemies of days gone by.

She feeds me. She is like a shot in the arm when you see her in the morning.

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She is funny and sharp and I love her. In , Katherine and Jill were believed to be mother and daughter after Katherine's friend, Charlotte Ramsey, provided factual proof. Of the storyline, Walton stated: "She's [Abbott] going down a bad road. In looking back over the past 16 years, she's gone down a lot of bad roads, for a lot of different reasons.

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  • She'll survive this one and, hopefully, maybe this time she'll learn something from it. She always shoved any feeling of love down. Now, she's questioning everything about herself. That's why she is in such pain and why she is drinking. That hate thing is baseless now. A writer from the Jamaica Gleaner noted that viewers had been getting restless with Jill's newfound closeness to Katherine, noting that, "Katherine and Jill are at their best when they are at each other's throats.

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    You wanna go broke? Leave your company in the hands of Jill! The other day, we were filming some confrontational scenes, and Jess [Walton] says, 'Doesn't it feel good? The girls are at it again! Walton stated: "Liz was the dream mother for Jill. She always could handle Jill.

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    Now I just roll with the punches. My first thought as Jill is, 'I actually know who my blood is, and I have a sister. I have never had that much to do with Lauren, really. Walton said that, "From my point of view, I think that Lauren has a really big heart; she's a naturally lovely person. Lauren was really awful a few times, and that just came out of her pain. So, it looks like Lauren and Jill are kind of getting along okay, but there's nothing else coming up in the scripts for them yet. In February , after learning that her husband Colin stole her life savings millions of dollars , Jill suffers from a near-fatal heart attack.

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    Nancy Brown of The Huffington Post noted: "In typical fashion, she blamed the warmth on others keeping the heat turned up and dismissed the jaw pain to likely grinding her teeth at night. The storyline idea was developed by head writer and co-executive producer Sally Sussman Morina. As well as seeing how it affects Jill as she comes to terms with her condition, the story will also illustrate how it impacts her family and those closest to her. We wanted to get the facts in while at the same time telling a good, dramatic story.

    Jill Foster was born in Genoa City , Wisconsin. The family struggles to make ends meet and things aren't easy when their father, Bill abandons them. Liz Foster worked at Mr Chancellor's factory, and Jill worked at a beauty shop, to help support their family, and put her brothers through college. Jill had aspirations of being a model.

    In , Jill's birth certificate confirmed the year of her birth as September 29, Jill was working at a beauty shop to help support her family, until a regular at the shop, the wealthy Katherine Chancellor Jeanne Cooper , hires her as a hairdresser and paid companion. Jill pitied Kay, and desperately, wanted to do everything in her power to help her. It was the only time they had ever sex, but Jill became pregnant. Phillip divorced Kay so he could marry Jill.

    But "Upon Phillip's return from the Dominican Republic, a stone sober Katherine met him at the airport and offered to drive him home. So "Jill and her family were evicted from the Chancellor Estate, where they had been living since Phillip's death. Kay's son, Brock, would try numerous ways to broker a peace between the two of them, but the plans never worked out. Since Katherine had invalidated Jill's marriage, she was left penniless with a newborn infant.

    Jill later romances David Mallory, who was the recipient of her late father Bill's eye cornea. However, she never loved him. He proposed, but she declines after Liz warned her of a loveless marriage. He was really in love with her mother Liz, but Jill tricked him into marriage following a one-night stand. He left her after she faked a pregnancy and miscarriage. Derek's ex-wife Suzanne Lynch Ellen Weston arrives in town and wanted him back.

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    Kay was briefly presumed dead and finding himself free of Suzanne and Kay, Derek planned to marry Jill. Kay showed up alive at the wedding and reclaimed her life with Derek.

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    Jill begins to work for cosmetics company Jabot and its owner, John Abbott Jerry Douglas , promotes her to head of merchandising, impressed by her work. They become involved, but she cheated on him with his son, Jack Abbott Terry Lester. She reunites with John and they married in Mamie, who wants to protect John, kept and eye on Jill, who had another affair with Jack.

    Katherine gets a hold of pictures of Jack and Jill and showed them to John, who has a stroke. Jill strives at her business, but is later found in her shower having been shot, just as her son Phillip returned to town after years away at boarding school. The three main suspects in the shooting are John, Jack, and Katherine. Jack confesses so that his affair with her won't become public.

    The real culprit is Sven, a masseur at the Genoa City Hotel. He had been rejected by Jill earlier in the night and shot her after getting drunk.


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    Sven kidnapped Jill and locked her in a meat freezer. Jack rescued her and Sven escaped. Jill and Katherine fight over custody of her son Phillip, who is now a teenager and had a past of acting out. Kay was awarded temporary custody, but she was denied the right to adopt him. After graduation Kay bought Phillip a shiny red sports car, and has Phillip begin his training as an executive at Chancellor Industries, in hopes he will take over his father's company someday.

    Phillip turned to alcoholism but quit with help from Jill and Katherine. Phillip has sex with Nina Webster Tricia Cast and she ends up pregnant. He later died after driving under the influence , devastating both women. He married Katherine, but Jill then wanted Rex for herself and convinced him to divorce Katherine. In reality, Katherine had been replaced by a look alike Marge Cotrooke who pushed Rex away. He divorced her, and married Jill, but the real Katherine finally returned and reunited with Rex.

    Rex eventually was shot and killed while Jill began romancing John again. Jill begins an affair with wealthy Victor Newman Eric Braeden and was convinced he would ask her to marry him, but he told her it was just a fling.