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Rompers, hats, sweaters, and wedding attire for your little boys, too. The emergency rooms in the hospitals must be busy. I saw a young man ride his motorbike an entire city block while texting on his phone, dodging other traffic, using only his peripheral vision. A woman rode past me with a pound dog on the seat behind her, trying with all its might not to fall off as she zoomed around town.

I even saw a family of five, including an infant, piled on to a scooter. None wore a helmet or other protective gear. Who knows how many laws would be broken if a family did that in the U. Sidewalks in the old quarter are obstacle courses of street hawkers, food stalls, elderly ladies selling fried dough and vegetables, and people squatting on tiny stools eating dinner.

Sometimes so many parked bikes stand in the way that pedestrians have to wade out into the dangerous traffic to get around them. But in the French Quarter—which in some places looks like an immaculately restored, near-perfect copy of France—the sidewalks are clearer, the streets easier to cross. Not even the Vietnamese can blow through lights at huge intersections without getting smashed.

I hired a year-old man to show me around and asked if he had a car. At once, I felt ridiculous for asking. Perhaps the middle class would rather spend its money on housing than transportation. Urban planners would have to pull down the city and start over to change that. The government knows it and punishes would-be drivers with an almost percent car tax. They will be stuck riding motorbikes of one kind or another for the foreseeable future.

Before that, they walked. I have been to malls around the world. How strange that such a place exists in a country run by a government that calls itself the Communist Party! Ho Chi Minh would have mortared it out of existence. The inside is vast and burrows deep underground. The place is as opulent as Las Vegas. In fact, the indoor replica of the old quarter is exactly what a Las Vegas mogul would build if he decided to create a Vietnam-themed hotel and casino resembling the Disneyish knockoffs of Venice, New York, and Paris.

The Vegas version of Hanoi exists.

I could only imagine how a Cuban would feel if he found himself whisked here from Havana with a ration card in his pocket and his state-imposed maximum wage of 20 dollars a month in his wallet. Royal City is just one huge mall among many in Hanoi, all visited by thousands of middle-class people daily. The malls seem to offer proof that, around the world, across diverse cultures, people yearn to be bourgeois. When they have the means, they like to visit climate-controlled shopping centers.

They buy things.

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They have dinner. They see movies in the cinemaplex.

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They take the kids. They hang out with friends. Some might charge that the Vietnamese have caught the disease of Western consumerism and are losing their souls to it, like Americans. Perhaps none of this should be surprising. Everybody pays for everything over there, including health care. The government hardly provides anything. Sweden is more socialist than Vietnam. The government has created the conditions for the kind of middle-class revolt that erupted in Taiwan and South Korea before those countries matured into multiparty democracies.

Amid all the economic and cultural dynamism, the state is a weirdly distant anachronism, its billboards and slogans as out of place as World War II posters would be in America now.

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No-honking signs and traffic regulations are routinely flouted, as are parking restrictions. I saw two police officers pull up in a car across the street from my hotel and yell at people through a bullhorn to move their motorbikes off the sidewalk. They complied, but less than five minutes after the policemen drove off, the space filled up again. It showed elderly men in army uniforms lecturing a roomful of grandmothers old enough to remember the war and the great socialist revolution sitting in metal chairs with their hands folded in their laps, listening like well-behaved schoolchildren.

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