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Now as mentioned when these steps are all put together they can increase your chances to get more online sales. Ok, Online Beauty Bosses, I hope this helps point you in the right direction, if you have questions please leave your comments in the Online Beauty Bosses Facebook Group for further discussion. If you found these tips helpful feel free to Comment, Like, and Share with other Avon Reps who might find this helpful. All rights reserved.

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No part of this document or the related files or images may be republished to any website, blog, eBook etc. Please feel free to share with other Avon Representatives, or Avon Employees on Social Media so long as the content is complete, not edited, and the Online Beauty Bosses logo and contact information has not been altered, and source is referenced.

I'm a National Top Seller and specialize in online sales. Brochures Include your web address on all your brochure labels and use cover stickers with the Avon Coupon Code.

Avon reps coupon sheet template

Always include your eStore address in your Email Signature. Follow up at the beginning and end of each campaign and whenever there is an Avon promo code or special offer available see resource. Show offline customers how to shop online.

source link Set up an Online Account for your offline customers over at your eStore. Offer to place an online order for them on the spot or offer to place the order for them whenever they call to place an order.

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Share 1. Set up a booth or table at a community day, flea market, neighborhood yard sale or other event that draws a lot of foot traffic.

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Have signs created stating that you are seeking to add new Avon sales representatives. Have products on display and a sign up sheet available for interested people to leave their contact information. Call or contact everyone who listed their information within one week while the thought and prospect of selling Avon is still fresh in their mind.

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Post on your personal and Avon related website and social media pages that you are seeking new Avon sales representatives. List the benefits associated with being a sales rep and post personal success stories of other reps you have brought in to the business if they have agreed to allow you to publicly use their words.

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Respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. Insert brief letters in brochures, sales catalogs and bags of products going out to your customer base. Consider recruiting customers who are loyal to the product line.

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Offer to talk to each person individually and consider having an open house party to discuss becoming an Avon sales representative. Invite friends, business colleagues, family members, customers, neighbors and those who have expressed interest in other ways.

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Serve coffee, drinks and light snacks. Give makeovers and allot enough time to truly talk about being a sales rep and allow those in attendance to ask questions. Keep accurate records of those who you have approached or talked to about becoming a sales rep.